My Rap/Poem That Was Dedicated to a Dear Friend (I’m Talking to You, Burrito)

My burrito,

Was as cheesy as cheese,

They started charging me,

Unnecessary fees.

I didn’t know what to do,

I was already more than broke,

I didn’t have the money,

Not a little I could choke.

So you know what I did,

I went to the bank,

Not just an old one,

The top of the rank.

I asked the bank,

“Hey, can I borrow some money”,

They said, “No, it’s too rainy”,

“Come back when it’s sunny”.


The Invisible Tree, My Tree

Up in the distance,

There’s  a tree,

One hundred yards away,

That only I can see.

Rich with gold,

It is filled with treasures,

You won’t be able to count it,

The amount is beyond all measures.

There’s something about it,

I’m intrigued so much,

All you need to know,

Can happen with one touch.

It’s invisible to all,

Except for one being,

And the only way I reach it,

Is to remain sitting, seeing.