My Rap/Poem That Was Dedicated to a Dear Friend (I’m Talking to You, Burrito)

My burrito,

Was as cheesy as cheese,

They started charging me,

Unnecessary fees.

I didn’t know what to do,

I was already more than broke,

I didn’t have the money,

Not a little I could choke.

So you know what I did,

I went to the bank,

Not just an old one,

The top of the rank.

I asked the bank,

“Hey, can I borrow some money”,

They said, “No, it’s too rainy”,

“Come back when it’s sunny”.


Are YOU Thinking of Your Last Meal?

Can someone please tell me what day is today,

‘Cause I want to watch the cooking show (it’s with Bobby Flay),

I love that show, it makes me feel great,

But it also makes me think of what I just ate.