A poem very dear to me; one written months ago


The springtime has many sights to see

Like exquisite flowers blooming,

Golden pollen sucked by butterflies,

Or people saying, “It’s pretty hot; my face is burning!”


Every thought of Spring,

Brings us to the elegant smell of flowers,

Or the smell of rain,

That fell down on the grass for hours.


 Who could forget the sounds of Spring,

With the chirping of the birds,

Butterflies’ wings flapping overhead,

A birdsong with no words.


Spring has a special touch,

Like the thick breeze flying through your face,

Or touching the soft rose petals,

Making them fall to leave a trace.


The tastes that come along with Spring,

Are very convenient to all,

For instance all the juicy fruits,

That grow on trees that are so very tall.


Finally the emotions of Spring, 

Making us feel so bright,

And with the upcoming holidays,

We’re all filled with delight!