What If…

What if the sky was red,

And there was no lead so pencils won’t be made,

The world will be really weird,

We’ll all have to barricade

What if there was no math,

“It’ll feel my wrath!”,

And there was no time to play,

It can only happen on the seventeenth of May

What if there was no school,

That would be cool,

And basketball was the only sport,

We would all have to bow,

While they make the court

What if a tree fell upside-down,

A banana slug crawling around and around,

Making it dizzy for the hundredth time,

And then falling asleep in its slimy own slime

What if the sky was the bluest blue,

A cloud passing by like a jumping kangaroo,

What if, what if, the world was so small,

What if, what if, there was no one at all